Tuesday, 26 October 2010

3 Days to go!

The countdown continues and I began today with the intention of sticking to my 'schedule' but this didn't go as planned.

I first decided to create a pumpkin in max, export that, then import it into UDK.  How hard could that be right?  Wrong (sometimes it feels like I'm the only one to have problems with computers and software).  So I created my pumpkin, all be it very basic and no carved face but hey, it was just a test to see how to export and import.  So after I added my materials I exported the model and tried to import it into UDK.  The model appeared perfectly.  Woohoo!  I thought then I realised that instead of the 3 materials slots I had assigned only one appeared :(  I still have no clue what I did wrong but after spending too much time dwelling on that I decided to re-organise my schedule and get other things done.

So this evening I have finished the layout of the grounds and added my own material to the building (which I think looks much better in capturing the age of the building and adds more authenticity to the scene).  I also changed the bright skybox material to a black night sky and added fog to the grounds.  I think the lighting is ok at the moment but I may tweak that a bit more tomorrow.  

So all in all, despite a poor and unfortunate start I did get a lot done this evening and its not even midnight yet.  Bonus!

I do still want to get pumpkins into my scene so I am still on a mission to do this before Friday.  But if this isn't possible I think my building and the grounds look great and I am very proud of myself.  I don't think I have a good chance of winning because the competition is fierce but in this case, it really is the taking part that counts.

So the last tasks really are to import my pumpkins and take some screenshots.

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