Suitable for: iPad
This challenge was hosted by GameCareerGuide in March 2010. Participants were asked to develop a game for the iPad. My game idea was based on the following concept: Make a path of coloured counters from your base to the destination, but be wary of foes disguised as friends as they use your counters to extend their own paths and mystery blocks that may block your path of destroy your carefully laid plan. Another honorable mention :) Documentation


Suitable for: iPhone/iPad/Android/PC/DS
The objective of the game is to move pieces to connect the path form the start to the finish point. Pieces fall randomly from the top to the bottom of the screen. There are four layers to the environment - normal, bronze, silver and gold which when the players path builds up into these sections they will gain bonus score and additional tools to aid them progress through the various levels of the game. In order for the player to progress to the next level they must manage their resources - the time they have and the careful use of their pieces as they may not receive the right piece they need to complete their path when they need it. Pitch Document


Suitable for: 360/PS3/PC
The Shard is a one player adventure/role-playing game set in an age of magic and mythical beings. This game takes the concept of cause and effect to a brand new level. As you play as a male or female of one of the four race sets, you will find that your actions may not just affect the character that you play but a butterfly effect will occur influencing the other race sets. Float back and forth between the characters of the different sets to see how far your actions have affected others and was it positively or not. Concept Document


Suitable for: PC/PSP/DS
This challenge was hosted by GameCareerGuide in February 2009. Participants were asked to develop a game that would benefit a potential restaurant owner that would teach them the skills to run a successful business. Moving away from the idea of managing an entire restaurant, I came up with a series of mini-games for potential restaurant owners which I called Restaurant Success and I gained an honorable mention. Documentation


Suitable for: MMO Quest
A short quest I came up with for the game Sunderworld. The objective of this quest is to find a way out of the cavern and into the Lost City. The journey through to the city will test the character physically, mentally and how skillful they are so that they can overcome the obstacles and gain access to the city. Documentation


Suitable for: MMO Quest
I wanted to give players with a range of high skills a non-serious adventure. This quest will present the player with new 'skills' which (in order to progress through the quest) they will have to learn the best ways to use them in the circumstances they are thrown into. This quest is based around the characters that currently exist in RuneScape and isn't mainly focused on combat but is designed to be enjoyable and use a minimal level of skill. Documentation


Suitable for: MMO Skill
This skill allows the player to climb up vertical (or very steep sloping) objects using claws that the player is able to smith. This gives another use to claws other than a combat weapon. Scailing can also be useful to reach high plateau's containing treasures only accessible using this skill and provide short cuts to areas. The higher the player's scaling level, the higher they will be able to climb. Documentation


Suitable for: MMO Skill
This skill allows the player to use the vessels that players can craft or construct in RuneScape to provide transportation to other players (who must pay a fee) and non-player characters (NPCs). This skills biggest advantage is to provide access to other areas without the need for players to walk or pay NPCs. It can also be a good source of finance as other players can pay to use this mode of transportation. The bigger the boat, the more players and/or NPCs the player can carry, the more money they'll make. Documentation

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