Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kicking myself into gear

After my long and well deserved week off from work I've had time to think in detail about where I'm heading this year and what I need to do to ensure I reach this year's end goal.


I finally completed Mass Effect 2 (applause please) last week!  I'm still aiming to work through my backlog of games so that's not going on the backburner (I've also just purchased another game today as it was too good an opportunity to pass up) and with the amount of good new releases this year I can't actually afford to stop playing.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Prison Breakout

So during a bit of downtime at work I used my time to delve a bit deeper into Kismet in UT3 (sadly I haven't got access to UDK at work).

So within about 24 hours (maybe a tad more) I managed to blockout a very small level that I had on my mind for a while.  The objective is very simple.  In order to escape the prison the player must open the bridge.  To do that the player must power the generator.  To power the generator the player must find 3 crystals (I know, who uses crystals to power a generator but bear in mind these are only placeholder at the moment) and then operate the bridge controls to escape.

The crystals are scattered around the map in high and low locations.  To prevent the player from escaping and to create a bit more of a challenge I have spawned bots (the other prisoners) at various points in during the level. 

Currently due to the limitations of the PC I'm on (or maybe just UT3) the editor always crashes when I place terrain and rebuild :(  So the addition of terrain and water volumes will have to wait until I get this project home. 

There's also no SFX hooked into picking up the crystals or opening the doors but I'll get those into the final game.  

Here's a video of the level with the full gameplay implemented in my blocked out environment.

(Apologies for the dual monitor view).  As always any comments are appreciated.