Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kicking myself into gear

After my long and well deserved week off from work I've had time to think in detail about where I'm heading this year and what I need to do to ensure I reach this year's end goal.


I finally completed Mass Effect 2 (applause please) last week!  I'm still aiming to work through my backlog of games so that's not going on the backburner (I've also just purchased another game today as it was too good an opportunity to pass up) and with the amount of good new releases this year I can't actually afford to stop playing.

Portfolio Site
Although at the time I liked my website design I feel that this needs a massive overhaul, so I am working on blocking out a new php site.  The domain will have to change as freewebs (my current free hosting site for my portfolio) does not support php sites :( Luckily I can use the space on Ti to test out my site design before committing to buying a new domain and server space (if need be).

But what good is having a great portfolio site without the amazing work to put in it...

Portfolio projects
So far this year I have started 2 new projects: my Gears level and Prison Break and I have had the graphics overhaul for The Epidemic hanging over my head for ages now.  Last week I neglected all three I'm sad to say, but no more! 

The Gears level is probably the biggest task as I still have to script lots of encounters and cinematic sequences plus texture and add meshes.

Prison Break just needs a weekend (and maybe a few evenings/lunches) as all I have left is to add the terrain, static meshes and textures.

The Epidemic is another project that just needs some time.   All that this really needs is a major graphics overhaul but as Game Maker uses sprites, I can easily replace the old and the new will pop up in their correct location.  Simple!

I've now listed out everything that I have left to do in all of these projects and included a new mobile project (so that I am fully organised with this when I am ready to begin).  This way I can visually manage what I have left, how long it will take me and if I'm on track for the remainder of the year.

I'm hoping 6 projects will still be doable this year.  Guess we'll have to see.

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