Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A quick update

So, now that my jam packed weekend is over I'm going to be powering on adding materials and meshes to my Prison Break level.  It's actually taking me a lot longer than I originally anticipated but watching the whole level take shape is great fun so I don't really mind at the moment. 

The Gears level is on hold until I get the Prison Break level completed.  I've got a lot of researching creating e-holes, better cinematics and splitting the gameplay routes for each player to look into.  So I figured it's better to tackle this again when I can give it my full attention.

A friend has also asked me to put together a prototype of his game using UDK (I know another project) but since this will be great practice for me and is only a prototype to prove the core mechanic can be done using UDK I thought I'd give it some of my attention.  So visit back here later in the year to see how that's progressing.

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