Friday, 8 April 2011

Make Me Happy: So far...

Make Me Happy is a simple, small and smiley mobile game. The smiley's appear in a grid 3 by 3.  You click on the happy smiley to increase your score to make the character happy.  When the character is happy you will progress onto the next level. If you click on a non-smiley you will either not gain any points or lose points.  This is because these make the character sad.  Make the character happy before the timer runs out.

If you gain enough score you could unlock the Bonus round for the world.  Each Bonus level is different.  Follow the instructions on screen here to make me happy.

Keep Smiling!

This has been my "small" project for a few weeks now.  I wanted to develop it all within a four day weekend but it just didn't go to plan.  I hope that within the next week or two this will be complete, even if the art is not. The art is completely placeholder at the moment (so shockingly bad) but it does help me focus a lot of the mechanics.

As always, the mechanics went into a state of flux at one point.  But now (I believe) everything's solid and just requires being implemented.  I chose to use Game Maker 8 for this project as I thought it would be nice a quick to implement and with Yoyo games keen to become publishers for iOS products, PSP and Android, if I spun out a good project then I could possibly submit this to them.  This may be a bit over-ambitious but hey why not aim high.

As I said this project is taking longer than I expected so to try and encourage me to complete this soon I've decided to post an update every week.  This may just be screenshots, a general note about the features that I have added or the problems that I have overcome.  But regardless I am sure that this will help me push forward.

Once the game is fully complete and ready to test (with placeholder art) I'd love to get feedback from everyone and anyone about the mechanics and usability of this game.  Also, if anyone would like to test this game that is also welcomed :)

Here are some screenshots of my progress so far!


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