Saturday, 13 August 2011

Why I've been so quiet

So I have been a bit out of it. This last month and a half I've been extremely busy with moving and adjusting to a new project and a new team. My gaming time was also affected. I'm going to try and dedicate a night a week to getting through my backlog before christmas comes and more arrive.

My mobile project is still ongoing. Although I have been losing faith in the idea, I am still going to complete the idea. Even though the move made my computer set aside, I have drafted out a number of levels that will be suitable for a demo project. I have estimated that this project should be finished in about 24 hours so I hope to block in a weekend very soon to finish this project and get it tried, tested and either polished or shelved. So hopefully early September there should be something.

Having finally bought a new laptop I am now fully equipped to start working towards creating more UDK projects. Below is a preview of one of the characters for a UDK project I am hoping to develop.

As usual I have been falling behind on my targets for the year., but I still hope to be able to get something good together by the end of 2011.