Monday, 21 December 2009

2010 Goals

Last year I set myself the following tasks:

  • Make a list of target companies that I want to aim for first.

  • Tailor my covering letter for a specific role/company

  • Polish my CV and strip out any unnecessary content

  • Develop a great portfolio - 3D level, Design documents, Small, 2D playable game demos, Only your best work

Sadly, I never good round to completing a 3D level, due to the amount of projects I got involved with, holidays and changing jobs. Luckily I have secured a contract role as a tester at one of the companies I'd want to work at as a designer so I'm learning first hand how a game is created. Unfortunately, this has also had a negative affect as I have been woken up to the realisation that I don't have enough great standard work to show as of yet to even be considered for a junior design role here. Fortunately, I have now made a lot of friends that are also eager to extend their skills and combine our work to produce a good project.

So as I have gotten myself into a good position for gaining a junior design role, I have seen how far away I still am, so that will require a lot more work and dedication this coming year.

This year I thought I would try to make a shorter list of specific goals:

  • Play more games

  • Make a small game using Unity

  • Make a small game level using Unreal Ed

  • Create a great standard project, even if it's just the one.

So these are my targets. First I will try and develop short documentation for the both of them so that next year I can begin learning the tools and development of the projects.