Monday, 25 March 2013

End of the line...

So January came and went.  A deadline at work for the end of January meant that all of my time over Christmas (as I didn't have any time off) and throughout January went to work.  Any extra time that I got at home was spent relaxing.  So yeah I was slacking off, again.  But February came and I got myself into gear, now I am putting the final touches onto my game ready for a release later this month.

I'm planning on writing a full account of my first year with Unity and releasing my first mobile title later on as I think it'll be good to reflect on the mistakes that I made, how I got over them and what I have learned from this entire development process.

Here are a couple of the menu screenshots:

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Unity and developing my game from nothing into something people enjoy playing.  This will be the first release as I have several additions such as highscore boards and Facebook integration to implement later to make this product more inline with current releases.  I am also going to be working on a full GDD of a new game that I hopefully will start developing in the late Summer. I've learned the hard way that a GDD and a project plan which is at it's fullest state before you begin development makes developing much easier.  With my experience in previous companies I should have known better (*slaps hand*).  There's nothing like failing from your own mistakes to make you change your ways.

So if you have an Android device running the 2.3 OS or higher please download my game when it's released, review it and if you have any suggestions send me feedback via Twitter, the Facebook page or the new site.