Friday, 27 February 2009

GameCareerGuide Challenge: Restaurant Success

I've been taking part in these weekly design challenges hosted by GameCareerGuide as an when I can over the past five months now.  Much to my dismay when none of my entries have been selected, but nevertheless I think these challenges are an exceptional way to keep me thinking about creating new innovating games so I continue to take part.

Last week the Game Design Challenge: Restaurant Game was set.  My first idea, like many that probably were selected, was to do with management of entire restaurants so after detailing my concept I submitted it.  But I continued to think how I could develop a game that would benefit a potential restaurant owner that would teach them the skills to run a successful business and I came up with a series of mini-games for potential restaurant owners - Restaurant Success (I know, I have to come up with catchier names).  Happy with my idea I submitted it and unfortunately it, like many other ideas didn't make it into the top 3.  However, this second idea did make it into the list of honorable mentions and that is surely a sign of progress to me.  So here's my idea, Restaurant Success.