Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Halloween's approaching!

It's been a busy time for me over the last week.  Moving back to the original project I was hired for and yes, doing overtime (again!).  But this will not deter me from continuing to build my portfolio.  Right now I'm considering entering the WoLD Halloween contest.

I've thought of an idea and will be using UDK.  As this will be the first time I use UDK I will be creating an explorable environment rather than a gameplay map.  However, I do intend to improve on the visual quality of my level by making long corridors more interesting by using a variety of materials, effects and more meshes.

So my aims for my next level will be:

To create a halloween themed exploratory map suitable for entry into the WoLD contest.  I am currently basing the building design, the lighting and the fog effect on the photo above.  The player will begin within the grounds of the house.  The house will be fully explorable and it will include the following:


  • Creaking doors and floors
  • Knocking sounds when the players walk around
  • Flickering lights/candles
  • Fog particle effects
  • Moving/running shadows similar to what was done within Dead Space - This seems like a great idea, whether I can pull it off in the short time I have is another thing entirely.
  • Holes in the roof and floorboards
  • Spiderwebs 
  • Pumpkins
  • Spooky looking trees
  • Large dark green hedges surrounding the house and large trees around the back
  • Large metal gates
  • Time of Day:  Night time with moonlight and street lighting
Possible additions (if I have time):

  • Bats flying outside 
  • Player interactions triggering events e.g. when interacting with cupboards bats will fly out
  • Wind sounds
  • Matinee Sequence: wind effect that looks as if the candles have blown out
  • Importing custom models (even if it's only one)
  • Publish the map this time (although I don't think its actually required for the contest)
So that's my list.  It does seem quite alot to do as I have a full time job, overtime, other activities and only 12 evenings to do this in.  But hey, if you don't try you'll never know.

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  1. Sounds Awesome :)
    Think the biggest obstacle you are going to face is the available assets in UDK as there isnt as many as the unreal editor. But either way will be a great way to get used to UDK :)

    Let me know if you have any questions about UDK as I've been using it a lot latelly :)