Monday, 2 August 2010

RotM: More Terrain and Water features

So now I've finished blocking out the terrain and pyramid so that the tomb now has exits that lead out up to the ground level.

I'm going to be placing the pick-ups today so that the map is closer to what I think will be the gameplay in the final design.

The rest of the week I guess I'll be adding the kismet and matinee triggers in to activate the secret doors (that I want to put in place over the tomb exits) and finish refining the terrain. There are some areas of the terrain that still need smoothing and the steep drops at the sides of the pyramid need to be steeper. I also think that raising the river will also be beneficial for the map.  Currently at some points in the terrain the player cannot see down to the river and it would be a shame to block the players' view of this feature.

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