Thursday, 26 August 2010

Alchemy on Android!

The past few days I've been for lack of a better word obsessed with a game released on Android called Alchemy.  The basic idea is to combine different elements to create new things.  You start with the basic elements of earth, water, fire and air and away you go. You combine the secondary and tertiary products of these combinations to create even more new objects.   There are 300 items to unlock in total and so far I'm on 118.  So quite a lot more to go and it's starting to get really tough. 

But what I love about this game is that it's such a simple idea.  As I have an interest in science myself I was trying to think of an educational game using the periodic table elements but this has blown me away.  It's a much better idea than using elements from the periodic table as everyone will identify even the most basic elements of earth, air, fire and water. 

I also love the little easter eggs and quirky objects that I've unlocked so far.  I've found Yoshi, the 1 Up mushroom from Mario Bros, a Genie and a Zombie.  I can't wait to play some more later on.

So if you have an Android OS on your phone, download this game today.  Oh, didn't I mention.  It's totally free!  Here's a sneak peek at the game for those unfortunate enough not to have Android.

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