Tuesday, 17 August 2010

RotM: Step back to making a better map

So before I dived into starting to add static meshes and textures to my map I thought I'd get the opinion of one of my friends who is quite an avid FPS gamer.  Doing this dropped my hopes of nearly finishing my map to setting me back at least another 2 weeks.

The feedback he gave me was very useful though (it also taught me not to show an half finished blockout map to any player).  The main points he raised was that my map didn't have any sort of cover around the top of the pyramid and this meant that the players could easily run from base to base across the top without ever entering the tomb.  This point occurred to me before this playtest session but I simply put it to the back of my mind thinking that I would sort it out later when I placed the rest of the meshes.  Now I have decided to place either cover to block the paths around the tomb effectively forcing them through the pyramid or to place a lot of coverage at these points to make it a bit more difficult to get to the other bases.

Other little points like placing more pick up on higher levels to entice players to expose themselves and come out of hiding, adding extra rooms that contained better weapons and more ammunition and making sure that the tomb had a good crumbling feel to the area are going to be easy to fix so I intend to do this soon.

The last point that my friend suggested was that there needs to be an additional route that should be safer but longer to travel between the bases and the tomb.  This again would further encourage players to travel through the pyramid instead of along the top.  So I'd eventually have a shorter more exposed/dangerous route and a longer safer route.  More tweaks to the terrain are required for this (not much though) so that's another task to add to the list. 

I have though created an underwater effect within the bodies of water in the map so that when you fall into the water there is a blue, watery effect to your vision (Thanks Hourences!).  Eventually though I do want to make sure that when players fall into the water they respawn somewhere near their base to save them time trying to get back to the upper areas.

Hopefully I'll be finished this map before my trip to NY.

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