Monday, 26 July 2010

Ruins of the Mayans

As I'm posting progress of my Mayan pyramid level to the WIP forum of World of Level Design (a great site for anyone interested in learning how to start level design) I thought I'd do the same on my blog.

This map has gone through so many iterations already from indoor map to outer and inner gameplay areas. The whole mayan pyramid theme was only decided upon when I decided to create an outdoor environment. I really like the unique shape of the mayan pyramids and my initial idea of a maze fit in very well for the bottom level of the pyramid, after that the environment was sort of built around that.

Below are some screenshots of my early iterations of the outdoor level.

After putting these screenshots on the WoLD forums I got some feedback that made me realise that my map had no purpose anymore. Yes players could run up to the pyramid, navigate around the corridors and fall into the tomb where they could battle further and exit out into the environment once more but this was not what I wanted. I wanted the tomb to be the central piece of this map, so after hearing some feedback that I think I needed to hear I came up with what you see below (apologies for the size).

I think this new direction for my map is where I wanted to head. Initially it was a capture the flag map with two bases at either exits, but as I expanded into a larger map I changed it to a death match type. I haven't fully decided on which type it is but I think now that I have reduced the scale and switched a few things around it could be a good little CTF map.

This week I'm going to work on getting the terrain refined. I need to create sheer drops on the sides of the pyramids so that rivers can flow around the sides towards a waterfall at one of the empty corners. I also want to put in two paths, one from each of the tower bases to lead the player into the tomb.

Then, on to (finally!) texturing some of this map!

I'm really happy with how this is progressing, although I do think I may not get it finished by this weekend. You can't rush if you want to learn though.

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