Monday, 5 July 2010

Hold on TI DeDA Experiment

Due to unforeseen circumstances the DeDA experiment that I was going to conduct later this year will have to be put on hold.   The DeDA (for anyone who has not read a previous post) was going be an experiment to educate myself about games design using a similar course structure to what is taught in current Game Design degree and masters courses around the UK.  This course I was going to fit around my hectic social and work life (being a QA tester restricts my time a lot) and also would help me to create a tailored portfolio of great work to help me when applying for junior game/level design roles in the future.

I will try and write informative articles related to game design and post these only on the Ti site but I may not necessarily be able to write about how this affects my own project(s). 

Creating my portfolio is my main goal at the moment and to get the work done within a specific time limit. This means that I will just be focusing on what I need to put in the portfolio and what skills I want to show.  Hopefully by the end of this time frame, I will have at least two additional small projects to add to my portfolio.

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