Friday, 25 June 2010

Review of 2010 Goals

Late last year I made some goals to get myself into a junior design role. These were:

* Play more games

* Make a small game using Unity

* Make a small game level using Unreal Ed

* Create a great standard project, even if it's just the one.

I've laid Unity aside for the moment as I think it's more important for me to focus on learning Unreal to a good standard i.e. terrain, particle emitters, Kismet, Matinee etc so that I can create some excellent gameplay maps and environments.

I have now made some progress over the past month or two as I'm more focused now at using my lunchtimes to work through the Mastering Unreal Technology Volume 1 book tutorials. So hopefully before the end of July I will have a fully built (and working level to show off).

I'm working on playing more games this year so I am pleased with my progress with this. It's just the 'great standard project' that I seem to be slacking on a the moment sadly, but I do still intend to get something created before the end of the year, hopefully the end of August.


  1. That's great! I need to play more games too... I've been so bad about that, also money constraints have been an issue. Good luck learning Unreal, I really like the engine myself, I should get back into learning it too. Haven't touched it since college.

  2. It is hard when my PC at home is so bad it barfs when I want to build lighting, so I have to use my lunches at work to learn :( The only comfort I get in doing this is that I am using my lunches productively now.