Monday, 31 October 2011

Match Maker 2: Update 4

So another late update.  I didn't get much implemented over last week and last weekend I've been at Runefest for Jagex (check out the amazing smoking RuneScape cake below) so today I have been fully resting up and rehydrating after the eventful and tiring weekend.

So from the tasks that I listed last week I have:

  • Move the delete button to underneath the main board
  • Remove save button
  • Warn player about the letters randomly changing

I've also re-organised the Main Menu page to give the player the option of entering the Challenge or the Casual mode of the game.  Once the casual mode is implemented this button will work.

Lastly, I had a simple thought to encourage players to replay the game.  When the timer runs out or when the player unlocks and moves onto the next level (during Challenge Mode or Casual Mode respectively), the player will be shown a fraction indicating how many words they managed to correctly spell and how many remained during that level.  As I say simple but I think it's a good one.

Over November I'm calling a brief recess on development of this project but when December rolls around I'll be back to work on Match Maker.

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