Monday, 24 October 2011

Match Maker 2: Update 3

So this update is a week late.  Last week I added the following to my prototype:

  • Added a menu
  • Added a save a load function (but on after contemplation I think I'll remove this as it's not needed)
  • Add points to the player's score when they correctly spell a word
  • Add 5 seconds to the timer when the player correctly spells a word
  • Restart the level when the time runs out
  • Check off words that have already been found
  • Output a green, red or orange square next to previously entered word to indicate a correct, incorrect or already found answer (respectively)
I also changed the layout of the components like so...

I also tried the demo on 3 of my work colleagues which gave me some useful feedback and even pointed me to some similar games to study.

From the feedback I came up with the following that needs to be added:
  • Implement 'casual' mode - linear progression through new levels where more letters are unlocked every level.
  • Add High score board
  • When all words in the level are found/session ends/time runs out, save score in High score board
  • Implement in-game menu
  • Move the delete button to underneath the main board
  • Remove save button
  • Warn player about the letters randomly changing
So I still have a lot of work to do unfortunately, but overall I think that this project is moving in a good direction.

If you'd like to play the latest build of my project so far, you can download it here.

Send me all your feedback too.  Anything will be useful :)

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