Sunday, 16 October 2011

Match Maker 2: Update 2

So this week I have made considerable progress with one of my prototypes. The player can now click on the the randomly displayed letters in the grid to spell out a four letter word.  If the player spells a word that is on the list of words for the level they will gain score for that word.  As each letter carries an individual value (like in the game Scrabble) some words will carry more score than others so it is up to the player to try and work out which letters carry the most score and create words using these.

At the moment the layout of the board is at a very placeholder state where only the board, the empty spaces and a basic delete button are shown.  This is something I'll be working on this week to enable all of the important elements are displayed as well as adding a timer to create the Challenge game mode.

I'm hoping with these and a few other essential features worked in this week, I'll be able to upload my first WIP version to my site to get people to play and give feedback to this idea.

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