Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, new projects!

So I've just arrived back from London and was going to jump straight into finishing blocking out my Gears level when I noticed the the World of Level Design are having another contest.  I feel compelled to enter this one too as its going to stretch me again to not only working to a deadline but this is split into two parts so that I focus firstly on the gameplay mechanics and then the visuals.  And, by February I should have a fully complete game level.  I guess I'll have to see if the amount of time I can put in will be enough to participate.

So over the latter part of last year I did manage to play more games.  Not as much as I'd liked to as I still have over 25 360 games to play but I did finish Fable 3, have played quite a bit of Mass Effect 2 and have nearly finished the co-op campaign of Splinter Cell Conviction (I have to say I am quite enjoying even though it has been irritating at times).  This year I want to get through a good number of my 25 games that are catching dust.

I created two Unreal projects last year which was great but this year I want to create 6 games, levels or maps using either UDK, Gears' Editor or UT3's Editor. 

Hopefully I haven't set my targets too high.  Should be an eventful year.


  1. Good luck Kayleigh! Its great to have those goals set for the year- best of luck with them!

  2. Thanks JonnyJohnJohns! Hope your MacB game gets you a good grade