Sunday, 23 May 2010

Game Maker Competition 6!

Sadly I have not yet learned to stop involving myself in new game projects.  Currently I have one (shall we say) dormant role in one project, one not so strenuous role (yet) in another project, one project that I'm losing interest in and then there's Project TF which is my main focus at the moment.

The dormant project is unofficially in a hiatus as theproject has now been pushed back for an expected release next year.  The team members are now returning to their own lives and other projects which is a shame as it was looking to be a good project.  So hopefully, the team will be brought back together later in the year and I can gather some good experience using Unity.  The deadline for the project that I'm losing interest in is drawing ever closer so I just intend to do what I need to to for this demo and call it quits.  Internet projects are hard especially when there's a lack of communication between the team members and you're losing interest.

The not-so-strenuous project is an interesting one because while it doesn't require alot of input from me at this point in time, it will require me to develop a new design skill set which I will need to practive heavily on in order to deliver good (or at least acceptable results).  This project is also non-digital which will be extremely useful in my portfolio as I have not got any non-digital game projects that have been produced.   So I am very keen to stick at this project.

Lastly, Project TF.  This is my game concept and I need this be achieve great results.  The additional member to the project has already helped me intensively, producing a basic engine in a very short time and giving me design critique which is helping me to think over the current mechanics within the game.   I'm hoping that Project TF will be a good candidate for the Game Maker 6 competition which has the theme of 'Discovery'.   While discovery is not the main focus of the game it is one of the important mechanics for progression and character development.  So if my team member and I get it together I may consider entering.  There's nothing to lose but everything to gain!

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