Tuesday, 25 May 2010

DeDA: Structure and Update

I have decided that I am going to break each topic into two parts:

  1. Theory - the current area that I am researching citing references

  2. Development Diary - this will detail my opinions on the subject and (if applicable) how I have applied the theory that I have just learned to my project and why I have chose those decisions.

The theory will be posted on the TI site so that anyone wishing the try out this course in the future can view all of the topics and hopefully learn something from them. While both the theory and my Development Diary posts (detailing the practical application) will be posted here.

At the moment I am currently:

  1. Refining the course content into manageable chunks

  2. After working out my free time in the week, I need to apply the course content into calendar to see approximate full time length of the course

These are my on going tasks to do before I begin my course:

  • Continue to wrap up my current projects

  • Continue my research into a suitable reading list

  • Save some money for laptop and books needed for course

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