Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Late/Early MMH update

The progress with this game is on hold for about two months :( as a massive TV is situated in front of my PC that I use to develop the game on and we can't move it because a) it's way too heavy and b) we have saturated the rest of the free space in our flat with 2 other TVs (we currently have 5 in our flat - 2 we're using and 3 that are old). Anyone want a free TV?

I have considered sitting on this massively heavy TV and using it as a makeshift chair but I'm not sure if that's entirely sensible. So I guess I could either try and create another version of the game using another tool or wait until we move in 2 months (yeah, we found ourselves a house!) as the move will disrupt things enough. I decided on waiting and as I have other half finished/started projects, I figured this would be a good time to roll back to one of those.

I'll still try and post something every week as it will keep me in check and push me to progress so keep reading.

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